BIMINI FLIGHTS  (Also -  Charter Schedule)
Updated: September 2012

If Bimini is your final destination, please call us at 800 444 9904, or 954 359 9942 for flight availability.


Individual Charter:        $ 695.00 (one-way)
Fuel Surcharge:            $ 70.00
Facility Fee:                  $ 17.34
US Taxes and Fess:    $ 16.70 per person when departing the U.S.
                                        $ 37.70 per person U.S. when arriving in the U.S.


Fees to be paid IN CASH ONLY by passenger/charterer to Bahamian officials include:

Bahamian Customs and Immigration Overtime Fees:

  • Any day before 9:00 AM and after 5:00 PM  - $63.00

  • Bahamian Holidays - $63.00

  • Bahamian Departure Tax: - $25.00 per person for all passengers over the age of six.

Bimini Airport Fees:

  • Landing fee: - $6.00

A Lesson on Charter Rates....  Should you plan on flying out to Bimini (or any other destination) and returning on the same day, the aircraft will stay on the ground in Bimini (or any other destination) for up to one hour and thirty minutes free of charge. 

Should you desire that the aircraft remains on the ground in Bimini (or any other destination) beyond the "free" one hour and thirty minutes, with prior arrangement, the aircraft can remain on the ground for up to 4 hours at our waiting rate of $100.00 per hour.  At the conclusion of the four hour period (after one hour and thirty minutes "free" and the two and one half hours at $100.00 per hour) the aircraft will depart for Ft. Lauderdale with or without you! 

Should you desire the aircraft to wait on the ground longer than 4 hours, aircraft schedule permitting and with pre-arrangement, it will be necessary to charter the aircraft for the whole day at the minimum daily rate equivalent to the basic charter rate for the aircraft "times" 4 hours, plus fuel surcharges for the actual flight time, plus ground handling fees and expenses up to the four hours. If actual flight time exceeds the four hour daily minimum, you will be responsible for all flight time and expenses in excess of the four hour minimum.

This would allow you the time you need to fly to the island, conduct your business, and return to Ft. Lauderdale on your schedule, and the only requirement is that the aircraft must arrive in Bimini after official sunrise (Nassau time) and depart Bimini for Ft. Lauderdale before official sunset (Nassau time).

As an alternative to paying the minimum daily rate, should you merely wish to be picked up at a later time that day, or on another day, you will be required to schedule and pay for two separate charter flights.

People who travel out the the islands on one day and travel back to the U.S. on another day require two separate charters.


All flights arrive and depart from the Sheltair FBO facility (formerly known as the Jet Center) on the west side of the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (directions).

Should you wish to depart from, or be dropped off at a location other than the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, for the fee of positioning the aircraft before and after the flight, we can depart from just about any airport.  Pre- and post-flight positioning fees are calculated on an individual basis using direct line distances in nautical miles from the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to the airport of your choice.  Inbound international flights must land and clear U.S. Customs and Immigration at the closest international airport along the route of flight before proceeding to another airport.

To satisfy U.S. Government reporting requirements, passengers must check-in no less than  60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.  Due to U.S. Government reporting requirements, late arrivals cannot and will not be boarded.

Please note that all US citizens (regardless of age, infants included) must have a current and valid passport to enter the Bahamas and the United States.  There are no exceptions to this requirement.  Non US citizens may travel on an Alien Registration Card or foreign passport.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding your travel plans to and from the Bahamas.  We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon!

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